Gender identity ideology

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Children and schools

Genspect: “A voice for parents with gender-questioning kids” (organisation)

Keep gender ideology out of Australian Schools (Facebook group)

Irreversible Damage. Teenage girls and the transgender craze, Abigail Shrier, 2020* (book)

Carol Dansereau is fighting gender identity ideology in schools (podcast episode)

Transgender Trend – “No child is born in the wrong body” (organisation)

Canadian Gender Report (organisation)

Partners for Ethical Care (PEC) (organisation)

Protections for women and girls

Changing rooms, toilets, dormitories, dating apps, prisons, hostels, sport, endowments, positions

Safe spaces

No conflict they said

Keep Prisons Single Sex UK (website)

Men are being housed in women’s prisons and the Canadian government doesn’t care (podcast episode)


Alana McLaughlin is a cheat (web article, opinion)

A sporting view – Dr Linda Blade and Ro Edge (podcast episode)

Fallon Fox (MtF) vs Tamikka Brents (F) in MMA (video)

Unsporting. How science denial are destroying sport, Linda Blade, 2021 (book)

Save Women’s Sport ANZ

Scholarships, endowments, quotas, positions, etc

No conflict they said

Medicine and science

In Case of Breastfeeding ‘Transwomen’, Scientists Ignore Risks to Children (web article, opinion)

Psychiatry sits on a knife-edge, Marcus Evans (podcast episode)

Psychiatrists Shift Stance on Gender Dysphoria, Recommend Therapy (news article)

Resisting adolescence (podcast episode)

Psychotherapist, nurse, ex member of GID Service at the Tavistock Clinic, Susan Evans (podcast episode)

Top trans doctors blow the whistle on ‘sloppy’ care (news article)

Case Report: Induced lactation in a transgender woman (journal article)

One size does not fit all: In support of psychotherapy for dender dysphoria

The Tavistock’s experimentation with puberty blockers, Dr. Michael Biggs, Department of Sociology, University of Oxford (PDF download)

Female erasure, ideology

Female Erasure. What you need to know about gender politics’ war on women, the female sex, and human rights, Ruth Barrett (ed), 2016* (book)

Gender Hurts: A feminist analysis of the politics of transgenderism, Sheila Jeffreys, 2014* (book)

Material Girls. Why reality matters for feminism, Kathleen Stock, 2021*

Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, Helen Joyce, 2021*

Transgender Body Politics, Heather Brunskell-Evans, 2020

Transgender. One shade of grey, Patrick Byrne, 2018*

The Transsexual Empire: The making of the she-male, Janice Raymond, 1979 [1994]*

Sex Matters (organisation)

Standing For Women (organisation)


Gender: A wider lens Interviews with clinicians, medical professionals, academics, transgender people, parents, detransitioners and others whose lives have been touched by the concept of gender.

Identity Crisis: Advice for gender critical teens and twenty-somethings Podcast for young people struggling with the modern orthodoxy of gender identity ideology.

Woman by Definition Interviews with clinicians and those with direct experience of gender identity ideology and its impacts.


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