Feminism & patriarchy


The Descent from Radical Feminism to Post-Modernism. Ti-Grace Atkinson. Full Panel: A Revolutionary Moment, Session 2, How to Defang a Movement: Replacing the Political with the Personal. Full Description: “Moderated by Kathie Sarachild, session participants include Ti-Grace Atkinson, Kathy Scarbrough and Carol Hanisch. Topics include: The Descent from Radical Feminism to Post-Modernism, Women’s Liberation is Based on Sex Not Gender, and Telltale Words: Depoliticizing the Women’s Liberation Movement.”


Are American millennials becoming more resistant to women’s equality? Stephanie Coontz, Feminist Current, 35 min

Articles and books

*Available in the WAAC Library

Liberalism and the death of feminism. Catherine A Mackinnon (entire article in PDF)

Woman Hating, Andrea Dworkin (entire book in PDF)

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Australian Femicide Map