WAAC logo squareWhat is WAAC?

The Women’s Action Alliance Canberra (WAAC) is a females-only, women’s liberation group that fights for women’s and girls’ sex-based rights on the understanding that sex is a biological fact with material consequences for human females living under patriarchy. We fight against patriarchy and how it is expressed through anti-woman oppressive structures and ideologies such as

  • Gender identity
  • (Hyper-) sexualised advertising
  • Pornography
  • Prostitution and sex trafficking

Our work centres women and girls and the experience and consequences of being female under patriarchy.

Attention, WomenAre you radical feminists?

As we focus on fighting for the liberation of women and girls from oppressive social structures, we are first and foremost a women’s liberation organisation. Some in our group align themselves with radical feminism in acknowledgement of the important role that feminism has played in the ongoing fight for women’s liberation; others eschew the label ‘feminist’ in recognition of the various types of feminism that now exist, some of which do not promote women’s liberation from oppression. That said, being women we can all still get along 😉

What are your objectives?

Our short- to medium-term objective is to raise awareness around socio-cultural issues confronting women and girls today under patriarchy. To do this, we

  • Engage in consciousness raising
  • Gather together and provide resources for women, parents, family members, and friends struggling with problems such as pornography use, the promotion of gender identity ideology in our schools and workplaces, and uncertainty about how to exit the sex trade
  • Connect with similar groups and organisations across Australia and around the world

Our long-term objective is to die liberated.

Are you gender critical?

Yes. We critique the idea of gender as a concept that oppresses and stands in the way of the liberation of women and girls.

Are you anti-trans?

No. We are pro-female, not anti-trans.

Are transwomen women?


Do you campaign against the rights of transpeople?

No. We are a positive group that campaigns for women and girls, not against transpeople. We believe that the rights of one group should not violate the rights of another.

Are you politically aligned?

No. We are not aligned with the left, right, a particular religious perspective, or with any other group.

My child has stated that they are ‘trans’. Can you help me?

The language of gender identity ideology is difficult to navigate because it has little-to-no basis in reality, is built upon poorly constructed theory, and obfuscates objective facts about sex and reality. We can provide you with information and resources that are evidence- and science-based, and we can point you in the direction of verified facts and considered analysis in relation to what is happening in the gender identity sphere. We can also keep you up-to-date as things in evolve in this area. In connecting with our group, you may also find women who you can talk to — or can help you find other people to talk to — and who can lend an understanding and non-judgemental ear.

If I contact you, what can I expect in terms of your engagement with me?

Much of that will be up to you. We do not target people or groups for hate or bullying, engage in trolling, push our opinions on others who do not ask for them, or demand that you use language in particular way. We will speak truthfully to you from an evidence-based, scientific, and rational standpoint. Where a point of fact exists, we might not adjust our speech or use language that denies reality.

If you decide that you no longer wish to communicate with us, you will not hear from us any futher until if or when you change your mind and resume contact. We reserve the right to block and/or not communicate with those who are not open to honest dialogue and/or who are abusive or trolling.

Will you ‘vet’ me.

You can bet your life we will. We are here to support, explain, and inform. We will check you out to ensure that you are neither a troll nor an activist who seeks to engage in abuse against us.

Do you have a code of conduct?

No, not per se. In discussions, we decided that a code of conduct would not be right for our group as it would be an intrusion of patriarchal modes of control on our behaviour. Instead, we recognise that women — socialised into being ‘nice’, accommodating, and putting others’ comfort before our own — come ‘ready-made’, as it were, to consider how our deeds might affect others. We therefore decided that we do not need a strict set of rules governing how we act in relation to others, telling us what is right and what is wrong. To that end, we are guided simply by the following.

In our communications and relations with those seeking engagement with WAAC, WAAC members endeavour to:

  • Act in good faith
  • Act with good will
  • Behave well
  • Work on the principle of charity
  • Exercise compassion