PornSnub: August 2019

Porn sells the idea no will turn into yes. In reality, no means no.
— Fight the New Drug, via




What bothers children online?
A study of over 9K kids ages 9-16 found that their top online concerns are being exposed to pornography (named by 22% of children) and violent content (18%). (source)

What are parents concerned about?
The major concerns for parents about their children’s online use are online content (64%) and time spent online (32%). 56% of parents wish they had more control over content; 42% wish they had more control over time. (source)

 Are parents aware that their child has seen pornography?

  • 53% of parents know their children have been accidentally exposed to pornography
  • 27% know that their children have been intentionally viewing pornography. (source)



Resources, reading, news


  • Culture reframed. We help parents and other adults build kids’ resilience to hypersexualized media and porn.
  • The Parents of Tweens Course guides parents through topics that provide skills to build your child’s resilience and resistance to hypersexualized culture and the impacts of pornography. Nervous about having the ‘porn talk’ with your kids? Don’t know what to say? We can help.




Youtube is facilitating the sexual exploitation of children, and it’s being monetized (video, 21 mins). Advertisers are suspending advertising with YouTube over mounting concerns about the platform being used for the eroticization of children and for pedophile networking. This video might seem lengthy, and it can sometimes be a hard watch, but it shows exactly how this stuff is happening.

Two days after Google claimed to be finally fixing this problem, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s Haley Halverson researched claims of pedophile rings, child erotica, and child exploitation on YouTube and found alarming results confirming the original reports and continued use of the platform for exploitive purposes.

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