PornSnub: 13 April 2019

When pornography is … normal, a whole population of men is primed to dehumanise women and to enjoy inflicting assault sexually … Pornography is the perfect preparation — motivator and instruction manual in one — for… sexual atrocities.
― Catharine MacKinnon



How many children and teens are exposed to pornography?

  • 11% of boys and 8% of girls have seen pornography before they were 10 years old
  • 58% of boys and 38% of girls have seen it by age 14
  • 85% of young men and 73% of young women have seen it by 18 years old (source)
  • 68% of adolescents have unintentionally encountered pornography and 37% have intentionally viewed pornography (source)
  • 57% of teens age 13-17 sought out porn at least once a month (source)
  • 10% of the visitors to porn video sites are younger than 10 years old. Children under the age of 10 account for 22% of the young people under 18 who are viewing online porn (source)


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7ada5eef-432c-442a-9b00-3946f03222f3.pngSince 2013, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has published an annual Dirty Dozen List to name and shame the mainstream players in America that perpetuate sexual exploitation—whether that be through sex trafficking, prostitution, sexual objectification, sexual violence and/or pornography. This issue’s showcased offender: Amazon. They exploit their workers, so why wouldn’t they promote material that sexualises children and normalises the dehumanisation and sexual commodification of women?

  • Amazon Prime inserts unnecessary, gratuitous nudity and simulated sex scenes into many of its original programmings, and provides faulty tools for blocking unwanted recommendations for sexually explicit programs.
  • Items for sale on Amazon include child-like sex dolls, photography books with eroticized child nudity, pornographic magazines, and clothing items, and more. Their Kindle e-reader is riddled with sexually explicit content containing incest, babysitter, and group-sex themes.

Please consider buying from a more ethical business.

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