WAAC meeting, 3 July: Rape culture reading and resources

Not being assaulted is not a privilege to be earned through the judicious application of personal safety strategies.

— Emily Nagoski

A tough session planned for July: rape culture. What is rape culture? Once we define it, we can start seeing it everywhere. Why is male sexual violence against women normalised and not taken seriously? Indeed, even joked about? We’ll also look at rape myths. We are now advertising WAAC meetings and events on Eventbrite, so feel free to let women know how to find us there. Any questions, email us at women@womensactionalliance.org.

Join us for whichever session(s) you want:

  • 6.45 pm. Cuppa tea, biskit, and a chat. Maybe browse the WAAC LIBRARY
  • 7 pm. Consciousness raising (‘CR’). Rape culture.
  • 7.50. More tea and biscuits.
  • 8 pm. Strategy. Our first ‘proper’ strategy session.
  • 9 pm. Close and help pack up. Thanks!

Suggested resources for the meeting

Web articles


In the news

Journal articles

Next meeting, Tues, 14 August

Consciousness-raising: Pornography and porn culture. How did we get here? Why has it become normalised? What is it doing to sex and sexuality? How does it affect us as a woman, and as women? Analysis of the porn industry. Porn as an expression of patriarchy.
Strategy: Ongoing


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