Shock report! Seears Workwear seemingly not so far from sexism as claimed!

Eleven-year-old Mollie told her mum, “I don’t want to go to Seears Workwear. It’s only for boys.”

Simon from Seears Workwear says, “We’re not sexist, we’re the furthest thing from it.”

Seears chiko roll
If Mollie bought a pair of socks from Seears, who would have been telling the truth?

In the interests of an impartial investigation of these two competing claims, WAAC did a recce of Seears this afternoon. A member had recalled seeing ‘girly’ pictures (the name is telling, and not just a bit creepy, now that we think of it) plastered on a wall at Seears only last year. Were they still there? Is Seears really only for boys?

Our intrepid investigator didn’t have to look far into the shop — in fact, just inside the front door — to spot this framed ‘Grab a chicko’ poster on the wall. Yes, framed. Icky. We suggest that the photo is only there because of the objectifying content it displays, and not because it is somehow related to what Seears sells (at least, we hope it isn’t so related, and we’re not talking about chiko rolls, here). The photo is part of a broader tableau of triumphs, including certificates of appreciation, a photo of Seears’ logo emblazoned on the side of a racing car, and a framed testimonial to the Roos rugby team. Is the ‘chiko roll girl’ a triumph, too? Hmmmm. There’s some deep-fried cabbage, barley, carrot, and mystery meat for thought.

You've been WAAC'dNote that there is an email of some kind obscuring part of the image; it’s covering a motorbike, and not the woman, so it would seem fair to conclude that it’s not about the bike.

Seears, you’ve been WAAC’d.







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