Seears Workwear gets all emotional over short phone call from 11-year-old girl

Seears sheepMen are funny. They make us laff. Especially when they get all dramtic and emotional. When an 11-year-old girl phoned Seears Workwear to ask that the retailer consider changing their unimaginative, click-go-the-shears jingle, ‘Get down to Seears, boys, quick, quick, quick’ to include ‘folks’ instead of ‘boys’ (because, you know, it’s the 21st century, not the 19th) the manager-type person allegedly went on a rant:

Look, I was brought up in a different time to you … I don’t want to hear any of this bulls**t. Go on and get lost.

When contacted Seears to give men a free platform for their shrill and hysterical ways, ‘Simon’ — a “manager” who doesn’t appear to have a surname — went on a similar rant and got all defensive. Simon said — and we should believe him, because he has a penis in his pants and a chip on his shoulder:

  • It’s a “sign of the world going mad.”
  • It’s been “blown way out of proportion.”
  • “Christ, it’s just so, so stupid.”
  • “It’s getting to the point where things are so ridiculous and over the top.”
  • “Where do normal people draw the line in the sand?”
  • That there could be “legal ramifications for those people.”
  • “We’re not sexist, we’re the furthest thing from it.”
  • “I probably would have told them to go and get a life. It’s just petty and stupid.”
  • “Everyone’s lost it.”

hahahaha! We could play MRA Bingo with that little lot! Note the common pattern of a man pointing out how

  • People (i.e., men) are being silenced — see, when privilege is taken away, it feels like oppression. That’s all that’s going on, there.
  • Swearing at little girls is not a big deal — especially when you are a grown (if not ‘adult’) man.
  • The world is a crazy place for men to live in — what with all the discrimination they face.
  • Men will use the law as a threat — on account of not knowing how free speech works.
  • Sexism is normal — because normal people think sexism is a-OK.
  • It’s OTT for a little girl to suggest ways in which a company could improve its communication strategy to a growing market … er, yeah, duh, women.
  • Having a life means not needing to engage in the world around you — oh, silly us … you don’t need to when you have all that male privilege backing you up.
  • They are soooooooo not sexist — hmmmmm … we’ll deal with that in our next post.

*sigh*. Such a shame. Seears, you were given good business advice, but failed to heed it. This is one group of consumers who will be coming into your shop, taking up your time by trying things on, and then buying what we need on the internet. Because, you know, You've been WAAC'd1890s and all …

Seears, you’ve been WAAC’d.

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