Women and helicopters: take the survey

Do you need to have a tertiary degree in semiotic analysis to spot sexism? We think not. Which is why there is still hope for Honey Birdette Managing Director Eloise Monaghan 🙂 yay! HB’s latest weirdo campaign has, for some impenetrable reason, models porning it up around a helicopter. It seems that helicopters might have one of two effects on women: either they make a woman want to fly them, or they make a woman want to hump them. We suspect that women wanting to hump helicopters is reasonably rare, but hey, whatever floats your boat … or chops your chopper, perhaps.

So, take our sexism survey and see whether or not your native common sense is still in tact. If you’re struggling, here’s an early clue: in the non-sexist images, the women are actually in charge of flying the helicopters.

Take the helicopters and sexism survey!


Oh, and check out these great stories, while you’re at it. Call it our way of compiling a counter-narrative.





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