Bras N Things say women “should” embrace wearing lingerie

Not even retailers believe their own bullshit ‘choice’ rhetoric when they try to silence criticism of the objectifying representations of women that appear in the mall-facing windows of their Westfield stores for everyone to walk past.

Here’s what Bras N Things had to say in response to a complaint from a WAAC member about one of their objectifying marketing campaigns (underline added, the rest is as originally written):

As a woman myself, I recognise that not all women may feel the same however I am also aware of the empowering feeling of confidence one can have and should embrace from wearing a beautiful set of lingerie which is also echoed in the many compliments we receive on a weekly basis

Ingsoc newspeak logo
BNT joins Ingsoc. Congratulations.

Apart from everything else that is wrong with just that one sentence (the appeal to woman status; the neo-liberal newspeak of “empowering”, “embrace”, “feeling of confidence”; gaslighting about the legitimacy of the complaint because of compliments received via the BNT Instagram echo-chamber) …

Apart from all that …

Women “should” embrace the empowering feeling of blah, blah, blah?

Should“? “SHOULD”?!

BNT’s thinking is pretty much exposed, right there. Nice job you’re doing on women, BNT.

BNT, you’ve been WAAC’d.You've been WAAC'd

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